Shouldn’t you be doing something constructive with your spare time? Well since you’re here I might as well give you the lowdown.  My name is, Scott Hall (yes just like the drunken, washed-up pro wrestler) and I like making websites. This one marks numero 17 for me. Thisisrad is becoming my favorite outlet for creation. This site lets me break away from a constant theme and share a wider variety of ideas and mediums with everyone (like it or not). My plan for thisisrad was initially just to have a place to dump excess crap that I didn’t know where else to put. Instead it is becoming my passion to challenge myself each day to upload quality content that entertains both me and the masses.

Just like you, I like all kinds of things and stuff. Movies, doodles, music, humor, puppets, the list goes on. Rather than list each and every one of them here, just check out “thisisrad” for yourself.

Peace out, home slice.

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