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Fun Things to do With QR Codes

Have you been noticing these little mass of pixel-like squares on things lately? Were you flipping through your Sunday paper and saw a few of these in the sales ads and wondered what they were for? Well they are called … Continue reading

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I Like Doing iOS App Reviews (So You Don’t Have to)

“I really want to get that app, but it I can’t justify spending $2.99 just to have the ability to press a button that makes fart sounds.” – Random Apple app store client. Hi. I’m thisisrad’s, Scott Hall. You may … Continue reading

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Submit a Something for Review

Do you have a pile of things that you have made, written, drawn or recorded just laying around? Maybe a new haircut or outfit that you are thinking about wearing out in public? Well then, my friend, I want to … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional Family Circus 2

By now you know that I have a hatred for the Family Circus comic strip and a knack for Photoshop. It is only natural that I combine these two worlds and bring to you number 2 in my Dysfunctional Family … Continue reading

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Zipperman Tape.MP3

So this one time I was a my friends’ house and one of their kids was at that “you can almost understand my words” phase. He was looking all over the house for his “Zipperman Tape”. I felt kinda bad … Continue reading

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Crap I Made Out of Forks

Have you ever been eating a meal when you looked at your silverware and thought, “Now wait a minute…..this would look just like a snail if I were to bend the prongs and handle just so.”? Well I did. I … Continue reading

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Steampunk Pieces Parts Necklaces

Steampunk fashion is all the rage these days. There are even conventions deoted entirely to this Victorian sci-fi artform. It is very pretty and sometimes functional, often being adorned with brass and leather. There are many interpretations of this artform … Continue reading

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