Would You Like Popcorn With That? – The Amazing Spider-Man 2


the-amazing-spider-man-2-poster-imax“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” was directed by, Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man and 500 Days of Summer). It stars Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man/Peter Parker), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), Jamie Foxx (Max Dillon/Electro), Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn/Green Goblin) and Sally Field (Aunt May). It has a runtime of 2 Hours and 22 minutes and is rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action/violence.


“Spider-Man” is about the dual life that, Peter Parker chooses to live. As, Peter Parker, he is happily in love with, Gwen Stacy and getting ready to graduate high school. He is unable to enjoy his youth and any of the things that he cherishes due to the alter ego that he has adapted. Spider-Man faces more than just personal problems in this magnificent movie. He also encounters, Electro, virtual nobody turned villain, and the Green Goblin to name a couple.


I cannot stress this enough, but IMAX 3D was the ideal format for this movie. The very first few minutes of the movie had me dodging things that were not really there. My stomach felt as though I were plummeting down the first hill of an amusement park rollercoaster. You ARE “Spider-Man”. Slinging your webs to regain altitude and creating a fulcrum that propels your body higher into the air; changing direction and vaulting from building to building with seamless gesturing. From the clever camera angles and the amazing depth, the director really makes you feel as though you are the one behind the web-laden mask. As I looked around the darkened room, I saw many faintly lit faces ducking obstacles and leaning in their seats as the hero made his way through the city’s skyline. This kind of immersed feeling was present throughout the duration of the entire movie, and I veritably LOVED all 142 minutes of it.


This movie unquestionably breaks the mold as far as sequels go. History shows that it is extremely difficult to make a film that has the same impact as the first. There are only a few that come to mind where the sophomore attempts have approximated their predecessors. “Spider-Man 2” surpassed the first movie on every level in ways that I would never have thought possible. The character development and overall emotional attachment is far stronger in this sequel. The presence of danger and character turmoil is well orchestrated and will leave you wondering what is forthcoming from one scene to the next. Not to spoil anything, but there are so many twists in this movie that you will be constantly asking yourself, “Did that really just happen”? “Spider-Man” raises the proverbial bar for what is possible with a sequel. My expectations for the next movie are sky high.


If you are a long-time fan of, “Spider-Man”, beyond the film, then you are in for a handful of great treats. You will recognize a few of the side characters by their names, giving you a glimpse of what Marvel has in store for future installments of the franchise’s amazing films. From petty thieves to Oscorp employees, there are several signs that point to what a third movie might hold. As a matter of fact, if you are a self-proclaimed nerd, like me, and have a smartphone with the “Shazam” app installed, there is an absolutely “sinister” surprise waiting for you after the movie as the credits begin to roll. Just press the button and behold the gifts on your screen.


On a personal level, “Spider-Man 2” really hit a home run, for me. The summer blockbuster season started early this year. Beyond a doubt, this movie merits the 5 out of 5 popped kernels on my scale. It is light-hearted enough to take your mature children to and holds enough excitement to keep any adult entertained. Please do yourself a favor and go see it in 3D if at all possible. While the movie holds its own, it is that much more exciting when you are part of the action.


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