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My Favorite Restaurant – 1808 American Bistro in Delaware, Ohio

A few years ago, these couple walked into my sign shop with high hopes of opening a restaurant in Delaware during a down economy. They wanted “the works” package (uniforms, business cards, window lettering, signs, brackets, etc.) so I sat … Continue reading

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The Big Lebowski Time Man of the Year Mirror

It Really Ties the Room Together. The Big Lebowski is one of the most quotable movies of all time. It has spawned its own subculture and has reached cult classic status. There are books, documentaries and several festivals held in … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional Family Circus #5

Poor bastard.

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iPad App For Making Stuff With Text

There are a lot of great and fun ways to waste your time. One of my favorites is drawing with text using the TypeDrawing iPad app. It allows you to select the text, font, color, opacity and other attributes to … Continue reading

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The premiss behind is this: Each day the site moderators will post an image. Designers (and 14 year olds with pirated copies of Photoshop) are then encouraged to download the source image and transform it into something all of … Continue reading

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Waterford Signs: My 9 to 5

The question that I get asked most would have to be “Why aren’t you famous?”. Well, it’s because I am a pudgy thirty-something with a day job. Not your run of the mill cubicle job or salesman gig, but I … Continue reading

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Snake That Ate a Pogo Stick Super Fun Coloring Page

Once upon a time there was a snake that was all kinds of hungry. He was slithering through the field one day in search of eggs or something when he came across a young boy on a pogo stick. Having … Continue reading

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