Would You Like Popcorn With That? – The Lego Movie

“The Lego Movie” is BRICK-TASTIC!.

the-lego-movie-poster-full-photo“The Lego Movie” was directed by duo, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (21 Jump Street & Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs). It stars the voice talents of, Chris Pratt (Emmet), Morgan Freeman (Vitruvius), Will Ferrell (Lord/President Business, Elizabeth Banks (WyldStyle) and Will Arnett (Batman). It has a runtime of 1 Hour and 40 minutes and is rated PG for mild action and rude humor.

“The Lego Movie” puts ordinary, Emmet (Pratt) in the role of the chosen one as prophesized by, Vitruvius (Freeman) during a duel with, Lord Business (Ferrell). Lord Business takes control of an all-powerful weapon that will force the Lego universe to remain segregated and in perfect order. Emmet must learn to think outside the box in order to help his band of “master builders” in order to fulfill the prophecy and return the universe and its people to their full creative potential.

It is absolutely amazing to grow up playing with Legos and see them turned into a feature-length motion picture. The Lego toys, cartoons and video games play a very prominent role in playtime with my family. Yes…even Duplo sometimes. There have been few toys that have stood the test of time like Legos. After 56 years, they still have their own aisle in the department stores, the aforementioned video games and cartoons, amusement parks, their own stores, countless apparel items, backpacks and…well…you get the picture. The next logical step is motion picture releases, and I am 100% fine with that if the subsequent films are half as good as their predecessor. “The Lego Movie” is literally a perfect movie to relive your childhood while sharing the love with your own children.

There are a lot of virtues addressed in the film. Early in the movie, conformity is sold as the most important thing a person can achieve. Emmet starts his day based on a set of written instructions meant to turn everyone ordinary. Imagination, friendship, teamwork and acceptance all play a huge part in the overall message portrayed by the directing team. Emmet is thrown into situations where he must use his own creativity to escape dangerous situations. At one time, he saves the day by building a double-decker couch – Not a weapon, not a flying machine or a tank, but much to the disapproval of his cohorts, a double-decker couch.

“The Lego Movie” is full of great action, drama, nostalgia and plenty of comedy. It is not just for kids by any means. Liam Neeson plays the right-hand man to, Lord Business, Good Cop/Bad Cop. Depending on his mood at any given time, Good Cop/Bad Cop’s head will spin around revealing either a friendly, fun-loving fellow or a harsh, servant of the law at the flip of a switch. Every time that Bad Cop gets angry, he throws tantrums that eventually lead to a great running gag in the movie. Bad Cop kicks chairs. No matter where he is, he will find a chair and kick it. You know what? It gets funnier every time he does it, too.

I am going to give “The Lego Movie” 5 out of 5 popped kernels. You and your entire family will enjoy it. I must warn you, however, by the time the movie is over, you will find yourself singing the soundtrack’s infectious refrain, “Everything is Awesome!” It has become a morning anthem around my house (and I’m okay with that).

Popcorn Rating 5 out of 5

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