The Goonies Prop Replica Series – The Doubloon

Scallywg Design Goonies Doubloon Prop ReplicaIn honor of the 28th anniversary of the original release of “The Goonies”, I have decided to add another item to the series. The doubloon is officially finished and is available for purchase here.

If you are a frequent reader of this page, then I am sure you are aware of my love for this movie. I have created several other prop replicas from this movie including the map and the copper bones key. I even have a set of, Data’s “Pinchers of Peril“.  “The Goonies” is one of the greatest adventure stories ever told and the fans have been waiting for a sequel for many, many years. We have been teased with talks of this for tha past decade, but the idea has never come to fruition.

Making these little trinkets is a passion of mine. I generally make something for myself and then other people gain interest and ask me where I got it. So I eventually create more and add them to my ebay or etsy shops for purchase. Scallywag Design is an ongoing project more than a website. It is more of an online portfolio full of my favorite creations. I like to use to show people when new things are in the works or how they are made from time to time. There is a lot more freedom with a page like this and I enjoy sharing things with you all.

I am always taking on new work for people that want to get their hands on a cool piece of art that they can cherish. It can be an illustration, dimensional sculpture, prop replica, jewelry or anything that I might be able to create for you.

What are some of your favorite props from movies? I am looking for some new ideas to create after “The Goonies” series is finished.

About justsomenerd

I like all kinds of things and stuff. Some of these include (but are not limited to): Movies, Music (creating, critiquing and listening to), Theme Parks, Zoos, Restaurants, Traveling (especially Disney cruises), Video Games, etc.
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