VitaliTags™ – Custom Engraved Tags

I have been busy with a flood of ideas lately. One of them is finally coming to light. VitaliTags™ is one of those ideas. is shaping up to be an online hub for custom engraved tags. A one-stop-shop for pet tags, luggage tags, industrial tags, key tags and any other kind of tag (excluding lazer tag….man, that game was awesome).

One key thing that I wanted to promote with this site is the fundraiser. Now that I have a kid in school, I am forced to buy pumpkin-shaped flower pots and all kinds of other random crud. Ok, so I actually like the flower pot, but who knows what I will have to buy this year so she can go on a group outing to the water park? It could be alive for all I know. This is where the idea for the fundraiser came from. Out of necessity to offer a product that people might really enjoy selling as much as they do buying. Most of the fundraisers that I have researched only offer a 10% or so kickback to the organization that is putting the whole thing on. I plan to offer 33% – 46% with the inaugural test market.

With my skill set, I am fairly confident that I can make this program one that helps everyone out. There really isn’t a middle man in this whole ordeal, so overhead is not very bad and the turnaround times should be very quick. Organizations can reach their goals faster due to the high kickback ratio. So hopefully my daughter won’t be coming to your door selling 55 gallon drums of cheese corn. Instead, she might be offering up a VitaliTag™ someday.

If you would like to cater a VitaliTag™ fundraiser for your school or organization, send me a message.

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I like all kinds of things and stuff. Some of these include (but are not limited to): Movies, Music (creating, critiquing and listening to), Theme Parks, Zoos, Restaurants, Traveling (especially Disney cruises), Video Games, etc.
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