– Custom QR Code Pet Tags and Tracking

It is finally a reality. has officially launched and here is your chance to get $10 off of the “Best Friends” package. Scan A Pet has been in the works for the past couple of years and I didn’t even know it. I started out making laser engraved tags on necklaces for other nerds (like myself) that pointed to email addresses, v-cards and even held poems and punchlines to jokes. Then one day I got my first order that came with the question, “Hey, can you have the QR code display my phone number and dog’s name when it is scanned?” Shortly thereafter, I received about 2-4 per week that wanted them to be for their pets, and so it began.

I did a lot of experimentation with different metals, coatings and color combinations. Then I realized that the most important thing would not be how bright the red was, or how cool the little dog bone-shaped tags were, but it would be longevity.

One evening, a few friends and myself gathered all of the beer bottle caps that we had “acquired” that evening and put them all into a sandwich bag along with several different styles of tags. We had colored tags, silver tags, aluminum tags, cutesie tags and a stainless steel tag. We took turns grinding and crunching the bag until our hands hurt, scanned the tags (that were still readable), returned them to the bag, passed it to the left and began to do more crunching and grinding.

This went on for a little over an hour and several discussions about life. When we took the tags out one last time, there were two that were still readable. A black on silver aluminum tag and a stainless steel tag. The aluminum tag looked FUBAR and DID still scan, but it took a few tries and it only worked on one app. The stainless steel tag was barely scuffed and reigned supreme.

We want the Scan A Pet tags to be the best available. So we spend the extra money to make the stainless steel tags. The front has a unique QR code that links to a private pet profile page displaying only the information that you are comfortable with. The back of the tag has engraved instructions on what you should do if you find that particular pet if you do not have a smart phone. We have done an extensive amount of market and product research yielding great results. is sure to be a hit among pet lovers.

Contact to become a distributor or to get a display in your pet-related business.

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