Who Wants to Make a Website? I’m Takin’ Bids…

I have had this basic design just sitting on my computer for a few years. The domain name and hosting plan have been set to automatically renew for even longer in my GoDaddy account. Now I am beginning to realize that the only time I have to work on things is when I am designing them for other people. This leaves me no time to work on my own website. This is where YOU come in.

Scallywag Design is in need of a digital presence on the interwebs. I am looking for someone who will put the time and effort into this site that it deserves. This is the basic layout for the home page that I am quite partial to (not married to). If you have some ideas that you feel would work out better, please share them with me. I would like the site to have nothing to do with Flash, as I want it to be viewable on as many platforms and devices as possible. PHP, HTML or whatever kind of fanciness is a must.

Contact me with your ideas and a price that you think will be fair. Let me know what your limitations are and I will draft up something for the pages. The artwork, photos, headers, buttons, etc. I can help you design, but I would also like to see what someone else comes up with.

This site will reflect a consolidation of several business ventures all rolled into one. My plan is to keep this site up and running from here on out. There will probably not be many updates. I may have a special offer from time to time; Once a month at the most. Otherwise, it will just need to be found in searches and hold its own while it waits for people looking for stuff.

So send me your bids and I will review them. I look forward to what the future holds for this project.

About justsomenerd

I like all kinds of things and stuff. Some of these include (but are not limited to): Movies, Music (creating, critiquing and listening to), Theme Parks, Zoos, Restaurants, Traveling (especially Disney cruises), Video Games, etc.
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