Waterford Signs: My 9 to 5

The question that I get asked most would have to be “Why aren’t you famous?”. Well, it’s because I am a pudgy thirty-something with a day job. Not your run of the mill cubicle job or salesman gig, but I get to work at Waterford Signs.

Every day I get to put my creativity to the test as I transform customers’ ideas into realities. Sometimes it gets a bit hectic, but we have been able to keep up with the flow so far. There is an average two day turnaround, but we have done many thing same day. Some things, like 3D signs take a bit longer because there are so many steps involved in making them, but most of the products that we produce can be manufactured in a shorter timeframe.

With all of the tools and machines available at the sign shop I am able to create things day and night. Many of these items you have already seen posted on thisisrad. We two have large format printers, two vinyl plotters, over 300 rolls of colored vinyls, a table router and a fully-stocked workshop filled with power tools. The imagination runs rampant when you walk into the showroom. There are so many things that we can make there and many that we have not even thought of yet. Check us out.

About justsomenerd

I like all kinds of things and stuff. Some of these include (but are not limited to): Movies, Music (creating, critiquing and listening to), Theme Parks, Zoos, Restaurants, Traveling (especially Disney cruises), Video Games, etc.
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